It’s A God Thing

Fast forward 8 years {June ‘16}, we are in a church service , the evangelist had just preached on ‘Fear, Panic and Hopelessness’…I want to make very clear the Pastor of our church had no idea that we had faced these troubles, maybe two people knew, but that was it, so the word I received was a direct message from God. During the altar service I was in my seat holding a friends baby, the evangelist walks from behind the pulpit towards us. He asked Tim, is this your wife?  Looked at me and said this is not your baby and motioned for me to pass him off. The evangelist went on to say, you are barren or not able to carry a baby to term, with tears rolling down my face I looked at Dallas and said yes, but we do have a child, he said and God wants to bless you with more, that’s His will for you. He told me that the diagnosis and prognosis were just fears and that I had to have faith in what God wanted to bless me with, God wants to heal your body, prepare your heart to receive great joy and your body to conceive.  As he said those words he walked to Tim and said, you need to quit worrying about the finances, don’t you see the blessings He has provided?

Finances and health were the reason we had not extended our family, they were always a fear.           We didn’t put our trust and faith in Him.

I had suffered amenorrhea for 32 months, only to find that a massive cyst was most likely the cause of that.  The cyst was in my left Fallopian tube, which I lost this past October, it was beyond repair. I was then told my chances of conceiving naturally were diminished and the OB/GYN suggested an IUI, but that we served a mighty God and that all things were possible with him.

This is when it hit me, where was my ‘faith’?

I had once again listened to doctors and had a fear instilled in me.

I fell before God asking for forgiveness, I know he’s the Great Physician,

but I needed something from him, a sign, a word…something.

I opened my bible and wept as I begun to read the words he had prepared for me in this time…

“Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her.” Luke 1:45

In this season of waiting, I have chose to focus on the Lord, His word, how good and faithful He is. He has renewed in me a fresh hope, joy and desire. The doctors may give a diagnosis but praise Jesus, I know the healer.

I also know He goes before us and that his timing and ways are perfect and for our good.


The waiting can become weary, but my Lord renews my strength. I’m not frustrated, sad, or mad like before, I have found ‘Faith’!

I keep hearing this evangelist’s words ‘Don’t give into fear, you are a child of God.’

Joshua 1:9, Joel 2:25, Romans 8:18, a Exodus 14:14, Psalms 37:9, Isaiah 53:4-5, Psalms 147:3, Jeremiah 17:14, Mark 5:34, Luke 8:43-48, Matthew 11:28.

“I won’t bury hope,
Where He leads I will go.
When I can’t see the way,
He parts the waves and
I’ll never walk alone
down the Red Sea Road.” -Ellie Holcomb


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