Preparation In My Body

Remember about the Prophet telling me God was preparing my body…

A week after this encounter I came down with severe back pain, I put it off as a pulled muscle for a couple of weeks.

I decided I better go to the chiropractor, where he adjusted me then his wife/assistant spoke up and said, we need to check her pituitary gland, thyroid and hormones, in which he turned around and asked if I was trying to conceive.

I was flabbergasted, I had not spoke of this encounter with anyone besides Tim, how could she possibly know.  Well what do you know, she said I pray for all our patients, and I believe the Holy Spirit told me you were coming for more than a pulled muscle!


Fast forward a couple of months, I am still seeing the chiropractor and still experiencing pain, he suggested a trip to the gynecologist ASAP!

As soon as I got into the gynecologist he said there has to be a reason for the amenorrhea, and that’s when he found the ginormous para tubal cyst, and I had to have a salpingectomy (fallopian tube removal) ASAP before it burst.

The pain I was having was God’s way of “preparing my body”…God does promise a purpose for the pain.  From reading his word I have found joy in my suffering.

Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 34:18, Revelation 21:4


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