Why, 9 Years Later?

Today was our initial consultation with Dr. Abby Eblen at Nashville Fertility, I was so relieved she had my file from 9+ years ago.  We went over treatment plan for my PAI-1 and MTHFR gene mutations, she ordered a few blood tests, and done a physical exam.

Her question was “Why have you waited 9 years?”  My response was that Tim didn’t think we could financially afford another child…but then I shared our encounter with the Prophet.

She said in her 25+ years of being a RE she had never had such story relived to her, she said she was so excited to be part of God’s ordained plan and blessing.

I will be doing a round of Clomid next month with a baseline ultrasound at cycle day 13 to see which ovary I am ovulating from.  If I ovulate from left ovary, it will be a failed cycle and we will try again the next month.


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